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Nury E. Mojica; was born in her native country of Republic of Panama. She has displayed a truly professional manner with over ten years combine experience as a Workforce Development Professional, Public Relation Professional,  Case Manager, Liaison, Activist, Notary Public, Treasurer, Spanish interpreter, Fundraiser, Special Events Planner, Chorographer and the most important a Latina Leader. She came to Richmond, Virginia in 2008 from Fort Hood, Texas.


Nury is an exemplary role model for young adults, especially for young Latinas seeking to make a difference in their communities. She is a tireless advocate for public special education, working families, environmental justice and human rights. Nury decided to join organizations with a strong mission and vision of assisting others especially those who have ... been historically underserved and denied access to high-quality instructional programs that would enable them to succeed and continue their post-secondary education as well as college preparedness, readiness skills, career-ready and the most important empowering them.


She is committed to engaging parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders in the mission to collaboratively create innovative and diverse options for gold standards in workforce, health and educational environments and to address the unacceptable achievement gap in Richmond and eight surrounding counties. Nury understands the importance of a good public relationship. She brings her passion, commitment and hands-on approach, which lead to being an asset to any company.


In addition, Nury served as an Advisory Board of Director for community based non-profit organizations dedicated to the creation of programs and festivals where kids and young adults can showcase their talent in art and music. She manages several projects, including a multi-cultural folklore dance group an intensive hands-on, year-round program that teach culture and provides youth leadership and self-esteem.


Nury Mojica is an award-winning executive with proven success advocating for and empowering community to engage and utilize the resources available. She creates innovative programming and communications campaigns for a diverse population.

Previously, she served as Board of Director of Richmond Latin Jazz & Salsa Festival, Board of Director of Southside Art Council, Board of Advisory for the Women’s Enterprise Center, Board of Director for Petersburg Street Music and Art Festival and among other Pro Bono organizations.


Nury has received several awards few of them are: “You Make the Difference” Award, “Community Outreach Supporter”, “The Customer Service Golden Award”, among others as serving as a military wife and family support group leader.



Hispanic American School

for Advancement

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