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H.A.S.A. Hispanic American School for Advancement Inc.

P. O. Box 74755 North Chesterfield VA, 232336


(855) 442-HASA Ext. 4


Elaine Denisse Cupeles Díaz, was born in her native San Juan, Puerto Rico. She grew up in the public gardens "Jardines Selles". She studied business administration, Psychology and Therapeutic Massage at the Interamerican University. She dedicated to learning choreography where she later became instructor creating her own school called “Echo Dances” for 4 years the school taught choreographies during Halloween to children of her home town becoming the most anticipated event during this time.


Elaine Cupeles joined HASA in 2013 in the position of assisting the Miss Hispanidad Virginia program, her dedication to the pageant lead her to be promoted to the pageant director, during the first year as director she raised over $10,000 dollars and recruited more participants that any other director in the pass


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