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Dominic Republic


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Juan Tejeda a native of the Dominican Republic arrived on New York City in 1989 at the age of 17 years old. Juan Tejeda attended the New York Language Center where he studied English as a second language and received a GED diploma. Looking for a better opportunity in 1993 at the age of 21 Juan Tejeda moved to Reading PA, where he saw the need for a transportation company. At that moment with that idea he started the process to become an entrepreneur and started a transportation company called Juan Express Inc. which operated for 4 years from Reading PA, to the New York city area.


In 1997, Juan Tejeda wanted to travel the US and he decided to get a CDL driver’s license, he became a professional truck driver and started working for the JB-Hunt company where he travel to over 40 states, that’s where Virginia caught his eye for its beautiful scenery and nice climate and its people.


In 2000, Juan Tejeda moved to Richmond where two years later he opened a mechanic shop Juan Auto Service, over the time Juan Tejeda saw the need to get involve with the community more and joined a softball team, after a few years Juan Tejeda decided to create his own baseball league to better service the Latino community, the league had 10 teams in totals about 150 people from different communities and backgrounds in the metro Richmond area and nearby states such Maryland and North Carolina.


Meanwhile Juan Tejeda was getting involved so much in the community, that one of his dream was about to open up in front of his eyes while he was advocating for the community without him realizing it, the opportunity to become a police officer something he long wanted to do but didn’t know he was working his way to.


In July 2007, Juan Tejeda was hired by the Richmond Police Department beginning a new journey, after 6 extensive months of trainings he was sworn as a Richmond Police officer becoming one of the few Latinos Police officers of the Department. That same year Juan Tejeda broke the barrier that existed between the Latino community and the Richmond Police Department forming and managing a Police baseball team to play against the Latino community. Due to his accomplishments and leaderships Officer Juan Tejeda received 2008 "Rookie of the Year Award", one of the biggest award that an officer can receive during the first year of service becoming the first Latino Police Officer to obtain such recognition.


As he continues serving the Richmond community, in 2011 Officer Juan Tejeda created H.A.S.A. Hispanic American School for Advancement, a non-profit organization that provide services to the community through a variety of programs, Miss Hispanidad Virginia, youth soccer programs, Cenemos Juntos (Christmas Dinner) and a toy giveaway event where low-income families are the organization's priority. HASA had their first Latino parade in September 2011 as part of a celebration of the Hispanic heritage month where hundreds of people gather each year, something that the Richmond community have become used to and look forward each year.


Juan Tejeda has created an endeavor and a remarkable passage through his career, opening many doors in the City of Richmond and surrounding jurisdiction becoming an excellent leader in the community. His dedication to the community allowed him to be transferred to the Crime Prevention Unit where he serves as the Hispanic Liaison with the responsibility to continue creating the relationship and bridging the gap between the Latino community and the Police department. During his 16 years of police duties Officer Juan Tejeda has created more than 500 Latinos Leaders who have graduated from the Latino Police academy and have impacted more 10 Towsend's families.


In October 2012 he received the department officer of the month award, being previously awarded officer of the month for his precinct.


In 2014 Juan Tejeda received the recognition of "Community Leader of that Year" by the FAYAD LAW OFFICE.


Since HASA began Juan Tejeda had provided over 5000 meals to the community, over $28,000 dollars of scholarships to young high school students age 14-18, and more than 40,000 toys had been distributed to children for Christmas.


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